Report: Santa’s Sweet Tooth – How Many Calories Will Santa Eat This Christmas Eve?

by | Dec 18, 2023


‘Tis the Season for Cookie Eating

Every Christmas Eve, Santa has the seemingly insurmountable task to not only deliver children’s gifts worldwide — but to consume their cookies and milk, too!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll uncover in the report:

🎅 All of Saint Nick’s hard work certainly deserves some refreshments, but just how many calories are we talking? Kris Kringle clocks in at 395,830,485 homes, he’ll consume 71.2 billion calories from milk and cookies alone on Christmas Eve—yes, that’s with a “b”!

🎄 If Santa were to gain weight from all those Christmas treats, he’d be looking at a potential gain of 20.4 million pounds. It seems the reindeer have some heavy lifting to do!

🍪 To burn off those festive calories, Santa would need to embark on an epic journey of 503 million miles. That’s the equivalent of walking around the Earth more than 20,000 times! A festive fitness challenge, if you will.

🦌 And it’s not just Santa who gets a treat. We’ve crunched the numbers on the reindeer’s carrot consumption, revealing that each of the nine reindeer could be chomping down on more than 44,000 carrots, totaling a whopping 2.3 billion calories.


Chart depicting the amount of calories Santa consumes between Milk and Cookies on Christmas Eve.