Thursday, June 8, 2023

This Week on WTFCF - Explore Season 3 Episode 3

WTFCF S3, E3 Sneak Peek: Stuckey’s – An American Icon Reborn

There was a time you couldn't get on the wide open roads of America and not see a Stuckey's store. Loaded with treats beyond...

SEPC Spotlight

On The Road Again! — Faye Westfall & SEPC Support Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta

On the road again! I grabbed 3 of my Grandkids and headed out to Atlanta, Ga for the Strong4life Super Hero Sprint! where SEPC continues...

Chef's Corner

Forget The Ties — Celebrate Father’s Day With Food!

Father’s Day is a holiday honoring fathers and father figures for their contribution to their children’s lives. But, ironically, its roots are based in...

Last Week on WTFCF - Explore Season 3 Episode 2

WTFCF S3, E2 Bonus Scene: Gypsy’s Place – What’s A Cathead Biscuit?

There's an amazing restaurant at the North Carolina State Farmers Market restaurant -- folks around there just call it Gypsy's place. And they come...


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