Dundee Groves Holiday Gift Fruit Extravaganza!

by | Nov 15, 2023


We probably all have memories of Florida citrus at Christmas, no matter our age. Whether it was an orange in the toe of a stocking or a beautiful basket of gift fruit on the table or the counter, it was always around to bring some sunshine to the holidays.

Well not everything changes. The good ol’ days are alive and well at Dundee Groves and their classic gift baskets of fruit, other Florida goodies and sunshine are shipping now.

We originally went to Dundee in 2019 for the first filming for the very first episode of Where The Food Come From. We went back a few weeks ago for an update (Where The Food Comes From Season 4, Episode 06: A Day Without Sunshine) and were delighted to find the Holiday Gift Fruit program going strong, with local operators right on the premises to take calls. (You can order online too, of course).

Much of the fantastic fruit in the Dundee gift collection is actually grown in 10-acre screenhouses — like greenhouses, but huger – in central Florida. It’s an amazing sight to see, and you will in the show.

It’s kind of nice to know in 2023 you can have the same experience you would have had in 1933, or ’43, or ’63 or ’83 — great fruit and other snacks to brighten up your table or, even better, somebody else’s. Nothing feels warmer in the winter than fresh Florida sunshine in the house.

Check out a couple of these beautiful arrangements from the catalog.

And here’s a great Bonus! Use the Where The Food Comes From special code of TV23 when you call or order online and you’ll get free shipping on every order. There are operators standing by — who actually answer the phones, know the catalog and speak your language — to help with your selections and answer any questions you may have. Check out the website here — Dundee Groves — or call 1-800-294-2266 and request the Holiday Catalog at no cost.

Fruit Christmas Wreath with various fruits and candies in gift box.

Holiday Wreath – Gift# 233

Price: $59.99

Usher in the Holidays with delicious style and taste! Dun-D Groves’ beautifully arranged wreath of Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, seedless Mandarins, Red Delicious Apples and Anjou Pears accented with sweet fruit candies makes quite a statement even before it’s opened. Arriving in a uniquely-shaped box with a colorful wreath design on top, this gift is sure to brighten the holiday season. 


Grate of Navel Oranges, seedless Mandarins, and Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Holiday Grand Slam – Gift # 125

Price: $54.99

This beautiful presentation of Dun-D Groves’ three most popular citrus varieties – sweet Navel Oranges, seedless Mandarins, and juicy Ruby Red Grapefruit. Picked at the peak of ripeness, the Holiday Grand Slam is sure to impress anyone on your gift list.