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Season 3, Episode 07

Farming The Seas

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We spend most of our time in the dirt and on the farm, and that won’t change. But we wondered if our friends in the wild-caught seafood industry might deal with some of the same problems and challenges our farmer friends on land do. The answer? Oh yeah — and maybe then some.

If you’ve ever been to Clearwater, FL, you’ve probably heard of Frenchy’s — a half-dozen unique restaurants, all with a laid-back Florida feel and nothing but fresh seafood they catch themselves. The grouper sandwich sets the world standard. And stone crab season sets off an annual rush.

Frenchy’s success over the last few years has led them to go into the supply business as well — now they maintain their own fleet of boats to stock their own restaurants as well as the Frenchy’s Seafood Company.

It’s a tasty story to be sure.