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Season 2, Episode 11

Heart & Soul, Part 1

Ripe Revival Mobile Market At Work

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We have some amazing days making Where The Food Comes From — few topped this one. We love telling stories about those who give back to the communities they serve, and in the two-part “Heart & Soul” show we focused on the efforts of North Carolina sweetpotato growers.

Ripe Revival operates a mobile grocery market, sending fresh produce into underprivileged areas to let people line up and buy fresh food on-site at whatever price they can afford. After spending a couple of days with the growers and Ripe Revival workers and volunteers, we were thrilled to climb aboard the bus and head for a North Carolina church where we actually got to see the hard work of charitable aims in action. And we talked to a couple of Ripe Revival reps about how it works — and why they do it.