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Season 3, Episode 11

Why Is There A Seaport In A Show About Farming?

What's A TEU?

Port of Savannah is the third-busiest in the nation. It’s a constant blur of activity — cranes, trains, trucks and some of the most massive ships you’ve ever seen, all loaded with products from around the world, including a whole lot of the food we eat.

They measure traffic in “TEUs” — but what is that? That’s the basic measurement for port traffic — it’s a 20-foot shipping container (you might call it a trailer, since you see them most often behind a big rig on the highway). Most shipping containers now are 40-foot, so they count as two TEUs. And a ship like this one, which has a 8000 TEU capacity, is carrying 4000 40-foot shipping containers!

Here we get a lesson in what all that means — and find out there are ships that are three times the size of the one we’re looking at here!