Sneak Peek

Season 3, Episode 11

Why Is There A Seaport In A Show About Farming?

We import a lot of the food we eat. Fortunately for farmers, we export a lot, too.

We think of endless lines of trucks streaming in across our southern border bringing in fruits and veggies from Central and South America, and that certainly happens. But for longer trips, larger loads, nothing beats shipping by sea. It’s more economical and more ecologically friendly. It provides year-round supply of things we’ve now come to always expect at the supermarket — sweet onions, watermelon, citrus. And critically, it gives U.S. farmers expanded markets for their crops.

It’s also going on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Giant vessels packed with countless containers and the endless beep and whir of cranes, train cars rumbling, trucks coming and going, You’ll be amazed at the impact a port has on agriculture — and vice versa. And we’ll show how all that happens at Port of Savannah, one of the nation’s oldest and its third-busiest.

That’s a lot of cargo — and it never stops.

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