Keep Ag Workers – And Yourself – Safe During Avian Flu Outbreak; AMMA Offers Options And Advice

by | May 12, 2024


American Medical Manufacturers Association to Provide PPE and Guidance Given New CDC Health Warnings

In the wake of the recent warnings issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the escalating risk of avian flu transmission among workers in agriculture and dairy farms, the American Medical Manufacturers Association (AMMA) is taking immediate action to provide crucial assistance and personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions to these industries. AMMA’s swift response mirrors its past actions during health crises in the US and abroad.

“The time has arrived to dramatically expand the accessibility and availability of PPE at the state level. The CDC has made an urgent call to ensure farmers, ranchers, workers, and first responders have protection, and we stand ready to help,” said Eric Axel, Executive Director of AMMA. “Our AMMA member companies are ready to work with state agricultural commissioners and secretaries across the country to help all those covered in the advisory have the PPE they need.”

The CDC’s advisory urging states to ensure agricultural and dairy farm workers, and public health and animal health first responders wear appropriate PPE underscores the critical need for proactive measures to safeguard the health and safety of those working in the agriculture sector. Recognizing this imperative, AMMA is committed to supporting our nation’s critical industries and public health employees with the necessary resources and guidance to mitigate the risks posed by avian flu outbreaks.

AMMA has a history of responding promptly to public health crises. During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous AMMA PPE manufacturers heeded the government’s call to expand or initiate operations and provide essential protective equipment for citizens. In a similar vein of solidarity and dedication to public health, domestic PPE makers are mobilizing their resources to cater to the specific needs of the dairy, animal, and agricultural industries, ensuring that workers have access to top-notch PPE to combat avian flu transmission.

“Protecting the health and well-being of workers is paramount, particularly in the face of emerging threats such as avian flu,” added Axel. “AMMA is committed to assisting these American industries in implementing effective measures to safeguard against potential risks for their employees.”

AMMA’s support initiative encompasses a range of services, including:

  1. Guidance and Education: AMMA is available to offer educational resources and advice to state-level leaders on surging PPE in needed areas.
  2. PPE Distribution: AMMA facilitates the distribution of essential PPE supplies, such as masks, gloves, and protective clothing, to affected populations, ensuring frontline workers have access to the necessary equipment to safeguard their health. AMMA member companies have inventory available in short shipment windows throughout the Continental US.
  3. Collaborative Partnerships: AMMA can collaborate with leaders and agencies at every level of government, healthcare organizations, and industry stakeholders to foster a unified approach to addressing avian flu risks, leveraging collective expertise and resources to enhance preparedness and response efforts.
  4. AMMA strongly encourages farm owners, agricultural workers, and public health first responders to take a proactive stance and engage with the resources and support services available through this initiative. By doing so, they can significantly enhance their ability to mitigate the risks associated with avian flu transmission, thereby taking control of their health and safety.
Full CDC Poster titled: Protect Yourself From H5N1 When Working With Farm Animals Guidelines poster.

Credit: CDC

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