On The Road Again! — Faye Westfall Checks In From The 18th Annual Paul Anderson Bike Ride!

by | Jul 14, 2023


Since 1961, the non-profit, Christ-centered, fully licensed and accredited Paul Anderson Youth Home has been dedicated to helping young men achieve a second chance, forever impacting their lives.

Powerlifter Paul Anderson lifting weights.

On the road again! — The 18th Annual Paul Anderson Bike Ride, July 8-14, 2023

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So happy to catch up with everyone while they were on the annual Paul Anderson Bike Ride! The boys, team of counselors and the volunteers traveling with them have endured long days… thru heat and rain I might add. The Paul Anderson Youth Home is an SEPC Cares charitable partner working provide valuable mentorship to the young men. Several SEPC members have shared their knowledge of produce with them along with field trips. One of the big events for them is the annual bike ride; this year the trip was extended from five to seven days.

Five young men set out to cover more than 500 miles across the southeast on an ambitious route that began at PAYH campus in Vidalia, GA. At the founding of PAYH in 1961, the late, great, former Olympic gold-medal winner, Paul Anderson, decided to ride a bicycle from Vidalia, GA 1,200 miles to Omaha, NE. His motivation then is shared by the five young men today, to raise funds and awareness of the mission to change lives.

Every day began with morning devotions and ended with heartfelt testimonies from the young men.

Donations are still being accepted! Your contribution will help these young men achieve their goals and make a difference in the lives of others!

Thanks to the many sponsors that that contributed to this fundraiser! Your support is essential in helping to inspire a generation of young me to reach their highest potential

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Paul Anderson Youth Home: A Brief

Powerlifter Paul Anderson rose to fame after winning the 1955 U.S. National Amateur Athletic Union Weightlifting Championship and the World Championships and brought home the gold medal from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Four years later, Paul Anderson took a 1,200 mile ride from Vidalia, GA to Omaha, NE to raise awareness and money to build a home for trouble youth.

Paul Anderson Youth Home front entrance.

Fast forward 6 decades to find the Paul Anderson Youth Home thriving. Through a holistic Christ-centric approach to correctional programs, young men ages 16-21 — MOST looking at jail time — are given the opportunity to change their lives, learn to be self-accountable, self-sufficient, selfless, great providers and academically and vocationally educated.


Graduate from the PAYH “Shape Up” program emphasizing Spiritual Guidance, Honorable Work Ethic, Academic Excellence, Physical Fitness and Emotional and Social Development.

The Five Opportunities

Education: Full Cognia accredited in-person high-school education plus college credit opportunities and vocational and life skills training.

Counseling: Fully licensed and accredited counselors provide a confidential, clinical and biblical therapeutic approach to individual, group and family counseling.

Spiritual Development: Scripture Memory, Prayer and Discipleship. “If I, Paul Anderson, the world’s strongest man cannot make it through one day without Jesus Christ, how can you?”

Transition Program: Focuses on self-awareness, and daily living, community and vocational skills to build well-rounded men of society.

Addiction Treatment: Fully licensed and accredited staff facilitate individualized comprehensive programs providing treatment, recovery, and prevention of relapse plans.

How To Get Involved

At PAYH, we realize that the work we do would not be possible without the help of other Christians who believe in Christ’s transformative work. We hear the question “How can I help?” on a regular basis, and there are several ways in which you can personally be involved in the furtherance of the Gospel through the PAYH ministry.

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The first is something that any Christian can do – pray for the Paul Anderson Youth Home. Below are a few specific ongoing prayer requests:


  • That God will move upon the hearts of our young men and draw them to Him
  • That He will protect our alumni from temptation as they represent both PAYH and His Kingdom in the outside world
  • That He will provide for the material and financial needs of PAYH
  • That He will continue to send us young men who need a second chance through Christ

The second way you can help is through financial partnership. We accept no state or federal funds, and no family is charged the full cost of their son’s stay. In order for most families to be able to afford the cost of the program, it is necessary for them to receive financial assistance, provided by the financial contributions of our faithful partners in ministry. Through these contributions, you are investing in PAYH, the lives of our young men, and the Kingdom of God.

A third way you can help is by getting involved in our events, which are explained in more detail below. This may involve a financial contribution, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Depending on the event, we are often in need of everything from food to housing to miscellaneous supplies to people who will simply share what we’re doing on social media and cheer us on.

Finally, you may have your own thoughts about how you might be able to help. If you see an event below that interests you, or a way you think you can plug in and be a part of what we are doing, please get in touch with us, we’ll be glad to hear from you!