Product Review: Move Over Peanut Butter – There Is A New Spread In Town!

by | Jan 26, 2024


Long ago and far away (well, actually November) I received a package from the Oat Boss. Kind of exciting! The unfortunate thing is I had not received any prior email from them and there was no packing slip telling me who it came from. I had no idea how to contact them. 

But this was so good I had to do something with it. It deserves a review — and your attention! — and I can now happily report I was eventually able to get in touch with the folks at Oat Boss .

So what exactly did I receive in the mail? Three jars of granola butter, totally nut-free, in three different and delicious flavors.

Bullseye target with tree nut in center being crossed out in red.

How about a little bit of backstory? What I did know when the package arrived, thanks to an included insert, is that father Jourdan and daughter Harper both have tree nut allergies. Such a bummer. Nut allergies can cause hives, lip swelling, runny nose, and digestive issues. But the worst news is a nut allergy can be fatal.

Hives on right arm.

Credit: James Heilman, MD, Creative Commons

Jourdan’s mission became to try to create a nut-free spread that would be safe for both of them. Good for him. Personally, I would not know where to begin.

Jourdan decided there had to be a way to create a high-quality spread that could replace the all-time favorite peanut butter. The solution was granola.

White bowl filled with granola.

Granola consists of rolled oats, seeds, honey or other sweeteners. And if you have ever tasted granola, you know just how delicious it is.

One day, while baking oat granola, Jourdan discovered he was able to transform it into a creamy nut-free spread. And Oat Boss was born! Oat Boss prides itself as being “a safe haven” for those allergic to nuts and offers them fantastic spreads they don’t have to worry about eating. Pretty cool.

Not only are the spreads nut-free, but they are gluten free, soy free, non-GMO, and dairy free. That really takes care of a lot of allergies and dietary restrictions.

Toast with bananas, four banana slices, mixture in a jar and a pile of seeds on white background.

Onto the review

But the Oat Boss blends are delicious whether you’re dealing with nut allergies or not. The Where The Food Comes staff had the opportunity to taste three wonderful flavors; original, chocolate chip, and a donut blend. Turns out we were very very happy we did.

Jar of chocolate chip Granola Butter. Red label white lettering.
Oat Boss jar of Donut Blend Granola Spread

The sweetest of all is the chocolate chip spread followed by the donut spread. Eating it by the spoon was amazing, but the true test was yet to come. We chose to spread it on plain saltine crackers. Let’s face it plain saltine crackers can be a bit boring. The nut-free butter transformed the plain cracker into something more like a dessert.  The only way to describe it is, between the sweetness, creaminess with a slight crunch your mouth is transformed into a truly happy place.

Two jars of granola spread and 4 crackers on white plate.

Personally, it has become my go to snack and as a bonus it even has a striking 60 less calories per serving than a natural or traditional peanut butter. Way to go Jourdan.

The original blend, much less sweet, held up as well as the other two. It was delicious right out of the jar and tastes fantastic on a piece of toast. Good to know if you want a tasty and healthy breakfast.

Whether you’re allergic to nuts or not the Oat Boss has definitely come up with a quality, nutritious and amazing tasting product. I know all of us at Where The Food Comes From loved it and undoubtedly you will too.