We’re most often out in a field with our noses in the dirt. But you’ll also find us in lab coats and restaurants and packinghouses, Congressional and State offices, college and industry research facilities – anywhere there’s a story to be told about food and farming.

Where The Food Comes From taps into the passion and commitment of the people who feed us. There are easier ways to make a living, as anyone who’s ever seen the show knows. But from the farms to the research laboratories to the offices where people make the rules that regulate it all, the people involved in agriculture care deeply about what they’re doing. They make up just 1.5% of the population – but they proudly bear the weight of keeping the rest of us fed.

That’s the power of Where The Food Comes From – peeling back the labels and letting the world meet some of the people who put food on their plates.

Watch the complete Season 4, Episode 07: Cooking With Fire right here for a limited time!

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Season 4, Episode 08

Simple As Corn, Part 1

There are three fundamental crops that sustain the world. Wheat and rice are everywhere of course but nothing shows up in more different forms on more different tables than corn. So why did we make 44 episodes of this show before we finally talked about it? Simple: We were waiting to meet the right people to tell it — and we found them.

We traveled to Wisconsin where we met at 12-year-old farmer, a 95-year-old farmer, and a seed company that works with both of them amongst thousands of others. When you hear their stories, we think you'll agree, corn was worth the wait.

"Weston's Farm Fresh Corn" sign and table full of corn.

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Catch Where The Food Comes From every Friday at 10:00 p.m. and Saturday at 1:30 a.m. EST on the RFD-TV Network and on demand at RFD-TV Now and Cowboy Channel+!

Season 4 is here and we’ve got more great stories to share! For starters, we made our way north to Wisconsin for a lesson in corn from a 12-year-old farmer who already knows what he’s doing, and a 95-year-old farmer who’s still learning new tricks every day! Back south we stop in at Clemson University to make blue cheese – and we visit a robotic premium dairy down the road where the milk for that cheese comes from. We tell our first big consumer brand story with the folks from Splenda as we visit their first-in-the-U.S. stevia farm. We discuss the disappearing art of cooking with fire with our friends at the legendary, 100-year-old Fresh Air BBQ in Jackson, GA. We’ll follow up with season one friends in the Florida citrus world and Nat Bradford’s family farm in Sumter, SC. And right down the road is another creative farming operation, the Old Tyme Bean Co., where we’ll unearth some rare treasures. What’s the deal with food safety? Well, we can tell you there is no such thing as the “three-second rule”. And then we’ll wrap up the season on-campus at UGA with what’s sure to become America’s new favorite game show, Fruit Or Vegetable! You would think you already know – we promise you don’t!