Review: Nested Naturals Super Greens Shake Up Nutrition Powders

by | Sep 22, 2023


Most of us have had smoothies. My simple recipe basically includes some sort of fruit, yogurt, water, and lots and lots of ice. Pretty boring and probably not as healthy as I think.

But when is a smoothie more than just a smoothie? Short answer: When it can be loaded with micronutrients.

Micronutrients, in a nutshell, are daily essential dietary requirements of fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, it is kind of hard to consume as much as we need. Is there a solution? Introducing Nested Naturals. They have taken the hard work out of calculating all the micronutrients we need and created Super Greens, a blend of organic superfoods, dairy probiotics, fiber, and enzymes. The label reads like a who’s who of all the things we need for a restful sleep, increased vitality, stress relief, and – my favorite – healthy aging.

Three of us at Where The Food Comes From taste-tested Super Greens using the basic smoothie recipe I talked about above.

First we blended ice, milk, yogurt, a very small amount of strawberries, and Super Greens – go figure, the opinions were all over the place. Personally, I did not care for it. Our web editor liked it and our host thought it was a great smoothie given all that was in it.

Then we added a scoop of vanilla protein powder and bingo – there it was. What we figured out is Super Greens are basically tasteless on their own, but when we added a flavor it created a nutrient packed, tasty and satisfying drink.

Check out the recipe for Nested Naturals Super Greens Superfood Pops for an interesting, nourishing and simple plant based snack. Bonus: The kiddos may enjoy them too!