ShineWater Steers Away From Single-Use Plastic, Becoming The First Enhanced Water Brand To Embrace Sustainability With Forthcoming Launch Of Aluminum Cans

by | Jul 3, 2023


ShineWater’s New Eco-Friendly Can Format to Start Hitting Shelves Starting this Fall

ShineWater, the only ready-to-drink beverage on the market that provides 100% of your daily dose of vitamin D, announced it is taking a stand against single-use plastic and is ready to revolutionize the beverage aisle with its upcoming brand transition to aluminum cans this fall. The pivot to aluminum cans meets the needs of the 75% of U.S. consumers surveyed by the Business of Sustainability Index who are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy.

Ryan Coon, Chief Marketing Officer, ShineWater

Ryan Coon, Chief Marketing Officer, ShineWater

“At ShineWater, our mission has always been rooted in prioritizing our global impact on nutrition, and we’re now taking that mission one step further to address our carbon footprint by offering our fans a sustainable hydration option for their overall health and wellness,” said Ryan Coon, Chief Marketing Officer at ShineWater. “In a category with so many household name legacy brands, we look forward to igniting a movement towards eco-friendly packaging within the beverage aisle and we cannot thank our partners enough for signing on to help us move the category at-large away from single-use plastic.”

With the brand’s primary format of plastic bottles pivoting exclusively to aluminum cans by mid-2024, ShineWater will be the first enhanced water brand to address its carbon footprint head-on. This move is poised to create the first wave of sustainability within the category, which will inevitably change the beverage aisle as we know it for enhanced waters, sports drinks, and more. According to the Business of Sustainability Index, consumers are ready for the switch with 69% of surveyed consumers stating a product’s environmental impact is important to their purchasing decision. Going up against well-known brands in the category, ShineWater is an emerging brand taking a huge stand for sustainability.

Shoppers can get their hands on ShineWater’s early lineup of flavors in aluminum cans this fall including fan-favorite flavors including Strawberry Lemon, Fruit Punch and Mixed Berry Acai with the remaining lineup of flavors beginning to hit shelves in early 2024. For additional information on the benefits of vitamin D and to learn more about ShineWater, please visit

About ShineWater

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ShineWater is the only ready-to-drink beverage on the market that provides 100% of your daily dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, helps support bone health, immune function, and is also believed to support athletic performance. Up to 70% of our country’s teens and adults are believed to have insufficient vitamin D levels which is associated with various chronic diseases. That’s why we call it Sunshine In A Bottle! ShineWater has zero sugar, but is full of vitamin D, antioxidants, electrolytes and delicious flavors including Watermelon Blackberry, Strawberry Lemon, Fruit Punch and more.