Sun World Announces Launch Of First Global Branded Grape Marketing Campaign

by | Aug 21, 2023


AUTUMNCRISP® Seeks to “Transform the Table Grape Category”

Sun World International, LLC announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind global marketing campaign for AUTUMNCRISP® brand green seedless grapes. The fully integrated campaign – expected to be the largest-ever for a branded grape – aims to raise retail and consumer awareness and stimulate demand for these unique branded grapes.

David Marguleas, CEO, Sun World International

David Marguleas, CEO, Sun World International

“Over the past 20 years, the produce industry had made great strides in successfully branding and marketing improved varieties of select fruits and vegetables – from apples and strawberries to pineapples and seedless watermelon,” Sun World CEO David Marguleas said. “The AUTUMNCRISP® brand grape is the perfect vehicle for transforming the table grape category in a similar fashion.”

AUTUMNCRISP® is a Sun World brand used to identify its proprietary Sugrathirtyfive variety table grape, a mid-to-late season green seedless variety with the taste, appearance and supply continuity that make them ripe for a global push.

“AUTUMNCRISP® brand grapes are huge, exceptionally crisp and very juicy,” he said. “Plus, they are sweet with a subtle hint of Muscat (notes of citrus, rose and peach flavors). Not to mention, they look beautiful – oval and milky green. It’s a full sensory experience.”

Sun World has been collaborating with its licensees around the world in recent years to expand supplies and near year-round availability of Sugrathirtyfive variety AUTUMNCRISP® brand grapes. They are now grown in most major grape growing regions, including Australia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Israel, Mexico and the United States.

Leaning into the Differentiators

As Sun World built a global supply platform, AUTUMNCRISP® was winning fans and exceeding expectations in taste tests, Sun World VP Marketing Jennifer Sanchez noted, adding that this fall’s official launch and integrated global marketing campaign arrives at the perfect time as supplies reach record levels and international availability expands.

“We are leaning heavily into the grape’s show-stopping key differentiators – taste experience, fruit size, color, and juiciness,” she said. “The global branding, the creative and its execution will stand apart from any other table grape branding or promotion that’s been conducted in the past. After all, it is the first-of-its-kind global table grape brand marketing campaign, and we intend to make a meaningful and lasting experience.”

The campaign will feature heavy digital marketing aimed at the iconic grape brand’s target consumers, in-store marketing, sampling in retail stores and food festivals, media outreach, collaborations with food influencers and social media outreach.

Jennifer Sanchez, VP of Marketing, Sun World International

Jennifer Sanchez, VP of Marketing, Sun World International

Broad Worldwide Outreach + Deep Pilot Market Approach

While the outreach will be global, Sun World also will go deep in designated U.S. and Asian test markets, Sanchez said. “Within these markets, which we will unveil in the coming weeks, we look forward to working closely with selected retailers and Sun World licensees to create meaningful ‘pull-through’ and illustrate AUTUMNCRISP®’s potential,” she added.

Sanchez concluded that Sun World plans a media event and licensee field days at its Center for Innovation in Wasco, Calif., Aug. 23-25. Media, licensed growers and other interested parties can contact the Sun World team for more information at

About Sun World

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Sun World International is a global variety development and licensing business. The California-based company has a network of licensed growers and marketers and maintains offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, North Africa and South Africa. More information about Sun World International is available at



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