Urapa Produce Announces Launch Of 2024 Mexican Mango Season

by: URAPA Produce, | February 25, 2024
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Urapa Produce, a leading grower-packer-shipper of Mexican mangos and other tropicals, is thrilled to announce the commencement of its Mexican mango season this month–marking a period of abundant, high-quality mango availability for its trade partners and consumers across the United States.

Starting in the lush Chiapas region of Mexico, Urapa’s operations will progressively advance through the coastal producing regions, ensuring a steady supply of premium mangos. This strategic approach allows them to capitalize on the peak harvest times across different areas, guaranteeing freshness and variety for customers.

Building on their commitment to excellence and sustainability, Urapa is proud to highlight its vertical integration from their groves to their new distribution center–BDS Cold Storage–in South Texas. This seamless integration ensures that every mango meets their stringent quality standards while maintaining the utmost in food safety and environmental sustainability.

Headshot of Tony godinez, Ceo of Urapa Produce

Tony Godinez, Chief Executive Officer, Urapa Produce

“Our vertical integration is a key component of our strategy to deliver the best possible product to our customers,” said Tony Godinez – managing partner of Urapa Produce. “It allows us to control every aspect of the supply chain, from the moment our mangos are harvested until they reach our customers, ensuring unparalleled freshness and quality.”

In addition to their focus on supply chain excellence, Urapa Produce is dedicated to offering a variety of mango types to cater to diverse consumer preferences. From the beloved Ataulfo “Honey” Mangos to the vibrant, red Tommy Akins variety and continuing through the season with Hadens, Kents and Keitts, their selection is designed to delight every palate.

As Mexico continues to be a major player in the mango market, Urapa is poised to contribute significantly to the industry’s growth. With their increased volume and focus on quality, they anticipate outperforming their previous seasons as a leading mango importer.