Apply For An Innovation Station At SEPC’s Southern Exposure 2024 – Deadline December 15, 2023!

by | Oct 9, 2023


Innovation Stations are back by popular demand in which one (1) of your team members may highlight a new product, product line, or service during our Southern Exposure Expo!

How To Submit Your Innovation Station Application

1. Submit your application for an Innovation Station through the link below by Friday, December 15, 2023.

    • Stations are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and space is limited.
    • Priority will be given to waitlisted companies who meet the criteria as well as companies who are interested in joining the SEPC.
    • You must include your logo, one (1) high-resolution image of your product (or product family), as well as a detailed description (50 words or less).

2. You will be notified via email on Friday, December 15th, regarding your application.

3. If approved, you will then receive an invoice for your Innovation Station.

Price: $1750 (does not include individual/group registration fees)*

Eligibility Requirements

  • Company must be a member in good standing of Southeast Produce Council.
  • Company is not currently exhibiting at Southern Exposure (unless prior SEPC approval).
  • New product, product line, or family of items must not exceed 4 individual SKUs.
  • New product must have been presented to market since September of 2023 or will be launched before July of 2024. (Verification required)

Innovation Station Guidelines

  • Space is limited to one (1) Innovation Station per member company.
  • One company member allowed in station at a time. (Individual registration required. Additional associates would also need to purchase individual registrations or register as part of a group registration.)
  • No additional signage, banners, display racks, etc. will be allowed!
  • Sampling is permitted per convention center policies (see exhibitor kit).
  • One (1) stool will be provided at each station.
  • Storage space is available within the desk area of the station.
  • Innovation Station setup during listed Exhibitor Setup hours.
  • Innovation Stations are branded with the conference theme; submitted company logo will be included on the face of the desk (within the white circle as pictured below).

Below is an example of our Innovation Station with last year’s theme – The Final Frontier! Your company logo will appear within the face area of the desk similar to the example below.

    SEPC Innovation Stations Sample Graphic

    If you have any questions, please contact Southeast Produce Council at or (877)720-SEPC.

    About Southeast Produce Council

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