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by | Oct 17, 2023


Highline Mushrooms continues its commitment to sustainability with the rollout of clear PET tills. The movement showcases Highline’s commitment to making a positive impact on our environment and to ultimately delight consumers with top-quality mushrooms. The PET tills are 100% recyclable, resulting in a circular economy of closed-loop recycling, reduction of carbon footprint, and moving toward reducing virgin materials.

Clear tills of mushrooms will be packed on Highline farms across Canada this week under the Highline brand and will be on retail shelves in the coming days. Consumers will have full visibility of the mushrooms in the pack and will see the quality they are about to take home and enjoy with their families.

Headshot of Highline Mushrooms CEO Jose Cambon

Jose Cambon, Chief Executive Officer, Highline Mushrooms

“This significant step towards sustainability wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our incredible associates. I am immensely proud of their unwavering commitment to our vision and their tireless efforts behind the scenes to make this transition a reality,” commented Jose Cambon, CEO of Highline Mushrooms.

Sustainable packaging is another chapter in the overall mushroom sustainability story. From the use of agricultural by-products, the requirement of only 6 liters of water per pound to grow, and the astounding 3 million lbs of mushrooms grown per acre/per annum, this is a tremendous story to tell for the historic fungi. The goal is to increase mushroom consumption across North America and deliver hyper-freshness to consumers for every eating occasion.

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