CPMA Names MP Kody Blois As The 2023 Produce Champion

by | Jul 6, 2023


Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) is proud to recognize its 2023 Produce Champion: Kody Blois, Member of Parliament (MP) for Kings—Hants, Nova Scotia and Chair of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food.

CPMA’s annual Produce Champion award is given to a Member of Parliament or Senator who has been supportive of the produce industry and effective at bringing industry issues to the forefront on Parliament Hill.

In recognition of this award, MP Kody Blois will be featured on CPMA’s podcast, Produce Talks, in a conversation with CPMA President, Ron Lemaire. The 2023 Produce Champion will also be highlighted at the next CPMA Convention and Trade Show, which will take place April 23-25, 2024, in Vancouver.

Farmer pointing something out to Kody Blois.
Kody Blois in rows of plants in farm.

“Since his election in 2019, Kody Blois has been actively engaged in issues important to our sector, both at home in his riding and in Ottawa. His voting record on Bill C-234 and Bill C-280 is further testament to his continued support of the fresh produce industry,” said Lemaire. “We are pleased to honour MP Blois for his ongoing contributions to advancing the priorities of our members and the broader Canadian agricultural sector.”

“Agriculture is a huge priority for me. Representing the riding of Kings—Hants, where agriculture is one of the main drivers of the economy, I am honoured to be named Produce Champion by CPMA, an organization that represents such a huge sector of the Canadian economy,” said MP Blois.

CPMA congratulates MP Kody Blois on his recognition as the 2023 Produce Champion and looks forward to continuing its work with him and all Parliamentarians moving forward.

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