Sneak Peek

Season 3, Episode 05

A Real Family Farm

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We hear a lot about the decline of the true family farm these days — it’s become a world of specialization and big agriculture. Even though most of those companies are still family owned, they’re not exactly the picture of a family farm we have in our minds.

Meet the Gibbs Family. They live somewhere in central Georgia (even the GPS isn’t quite sure) and together grow peas, beans, watermelons, flowers, and even have 300 head of cattle (and their own store on-the-farm and another in a nearby town!)

Mom and Dad Brooks and Eric have made sure their kids understand the value of hard work. The teenage girls, EllaGrace and LizzyRae, manage the cattle by themselves. And even 9-year-old Cotton Davis gives up morning cartoons to report to the barn by 7 a.m. and start the variety of tasks he has daily.

It’s a refreshing look at the way America used to be — and the way parts of it still are today, whether people talk much about it or not.