Sneak Peek

Season 3, Episode 02

Gypsy’s Place – The Raleigh Farmers Market

If you’re passing through Raleigh, NC (or even coming close) there’s an amazing restaurant you need to know about. It’s technically called The North Carolina State Farmers Market restaurant — but folks around there just call it Gypsy’s place. That’s because Gypsy Gilliam, who’s been in business there for over 20 years, is the lady behind the Market magic. Almost everything on the vast menu is North Carolina-grown. And most of what you’re eating was sourced straight from the Farmers Market itself.

Which is another wonder to behold. Most state terminal farmers markets are anything but public-friendly. They’re industrial hubbubs that are a critical link in keeping us all fed. But the Raleigh State Market is a tourist attraction unto itself — on every Top 10 List of things to do in Raleigh.