Sneak Peek

Season 3, Episode 13

Cold-Cut Platter? Nope — It’s Charcuterie!

So you always thought we invented cold cut and cheese platters in modern times? Hold your roll — charcuterie is an ancient art that stretches back to 14th Century France! But it’s had a real renaissance of late.

To make great charcuterie, you have to have great meats. And we found an amazing operation in Baxley, GA that does it all. Woody Folsom comes from generations of ranchers. He upped the game by breeding a herd for premium beef. He’s done the same with the pork he’s now producing at his Circle F Farms in south Georgia. Partner and wife Tamela is in charge of the next step. She’s the operator of Circle F Meats, an amazing 6000-square-foot grocery and butcher shop. We visited the farm and the store of course — and we got a little firsthand experience in the fine art of charcuterie!