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Season 4, Episode 10

A New Moo

Guest On The Set: Mary Days - Through The Looking Glass

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Mary Days biline and headshot.

My dear friends invited me to join them and the film crew to see how they create the magic behind the scenes when making an episode for the show Where the Food Comes From. I must say, the crew dazzled me. I always imagined television shows were created by just putting the actor in front of the camera and someone says roll camera. Well, let me tell you, it is not that simple.

Crew monitoring sound and cameras during a shoot at a stevia farm.

Everyone had a role to play, and they played it well. They even gave me a small role and that was to carry the equipment case, take candid shots of Donna, and capture a fact or quote from the guests, which made me feel like part of the team. [EDITOR’S NOTE: She is.] The film crew’s collaboration was beautiful to watch as they anticipated each other’s needs. It was like a beautiful waltz.

Crew monitoring cameras and sound equipment in dairy barn.

It was strange to see no tension on-set, as again, one of the things I assumed was there would be, because you are filming a television show – but I observed no tension other than my own as I walked amongst the cows at M&B Products in Lecanto, FL. I spent two days with the team [filming Season 4, Episodes 5 and 10) and I must say, I have gained such an appreciation for the arduous work that goes into making a show.

But It’s Not All Work And No Play

Now, let me share the fun I had at the two shoots. At the M&B bottling plant in Temple Terrace, FL I observed how they created milk cartons and filled them with milk, which I found interesting because I didn’t see any cows on the assembly line producing milk. Well, that is not how it works.

Chip and Dale McClellan examining assembly line equipment in the dairy packaging facility.
Cows feeding at M&B Products dairy farm.

Mr. Dale McClellan, the farm owner, took us to see the cows that supplied all that delicious milk, which was located far away from the milk packing plant. It was amazing to see and smell the process of milking cows.

The second shoot was at Splenda’s new stevia farm in Lecanto, FL. I walked through acres of fields of stevia plants. I must say, eating the leaf of a stevia plant was an eye-opening experience for me. First, I never thought stevia came from a leaf, and second I never imagined it tasting so sweet and delicious. I got the opportunity to taste their delicious stevia in the tea and lemonade they shared — OMG that was the best tea and lemonade I have ever had.

Landscape view of Splenda Stevia Farm

I genuinely enjoyed my behind-the-scenes “through the looking glass” view of Where The Food Comes From. I hope my friends invite me to see another show.

Thank you, Chip, Donna and team!

Where The Food Comes From field producer Donna Sanders and guest Mary Days on set in the cow barn at M&B Dairy.
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