Sneak Peek

Season 4, Episode 10

A New Moo

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Milk. It does a body good. Got milk? How’s your milk moustache holding up these days? Those are all familiar images from past advertising campaigns when milk was unquestionably something everybody used pretty much every day. Or so we thought.

Turns out a lot of folks have problems digesting milk. So we all started talking about lactose intolerance.

Now it looks like that might not be the issue either, as we learned at Florida dairy operation M&B Products, which bottles milk in Temple Terrace, FL, from its herd in Lecanto, FL.

Dale McClellan and family are multi-generational dairy people. Things weren’t going too great when Dale took over — the bottling plant had shut down, finances were iffy.

Some bold gambles soon had M&B flying high, producing milk that’s sold in several states and servicing multiple school systems as well. And now there’s a whole new generation of McLellans onboard! (And another coming up right behind…)