Bonus Content

Season 3, Episode 03

Stuckey’s — An American Icon Reborn

Opening Monologue

There was a time you couldn’t get on the wide open roads of America and not see a Stuckey’s store. Loaded with treats beyond imagination that you just couldn’t get anywhere else, Stuckey’s quickly became an American icon after it launched in 1937. At the peak of the empire there were almost 400 stores coast-to-coast. But time marches on. Tastes change. Production was outsourced to Mexico. The Stuckey family lost control of the business. And the brand began to fade.

Now a new generation is bringing it back. Granddaughter Stephanie Stuckey bought her family name back from the corporate world, moved headquarters and production back to tiny Wrens, GA, where it all started, and was smart enough to realize that, at heart, Stuckey’s wasn’t a snack company — it was a pecan company with a lot of different ways to use the homefield advantage Georgia has as the nation’s leading pecan producer. So she partnered with multi-generation pecan grower R.G. Lamar — and you’re now starting to see the results everywhere. It’s a remarkable story about the rebirth of an American icon.