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Season 3, Episode 05

A Real Family Farm

The Gibbs Kids Don't Need Screen Time

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Most kids today are obsessed with the digital world — it’s all about the screens they sit in front of, hold in their hands, or carry in their pockets. It seems like an evolutionary time — maybe they’ll be the next generation of rocket scientists. But who’s going to work on the farm and keep us fed? Well, that would be folks like The Gibbs Kids.

We met them at their true family farm in central Georgia where everybody does a little bit of everything. No cartoons and cereal in the morning for this gang — they report to the barn at 7 a.m. every day to take care of their jobs on the farm — around their school schedule of course! The the trio had a chat with Chip Carter while mom and dad weren’t listening — and they still talked about how much they love life on the farm!