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Season 3, Episode 03

Stuckey’s — An American Icon Reborn

Where The Pecans Come From!

We think of Stuckey’s as a candy company, or a beloved icon from America’s past. Actually, it’s a farming company, and always has been — pecans, to be particular. In 1937, W.S. Stuckey started selling pecans in Southeast Georgia. Shortly thereafter, he opened a roadside stand. His wife Ethel soon started making amazing candies with those pecans — and an American icon was born.

Now a new generation is bringing Stuckey’s back with an even stronger connection to the farm! Here we talk with R.G. Lamar, a multi-generation Georgia pecan farmer who’s now partnered up with Stephanie Stuckey, granddaughter of the founder, to keep all this goodness Georgia Grown and Georgia made.