How To Feel Happy+Buzzed At The Holiday Party With a Mocktail (With Recipe)

by | Dec 13, 2023


Arkay Beverages Inc., a pioneer in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, is changing the game with their innovative alcohol-free spirits, containing a molecule that fools the brain into believing you have that warm, fuzzy feeling without the side effects, but with all the health benefits to the body and brain. Founded by Reynald Grattagliano, Arkay is rewriting the rules of social relaxation by offering a unique and scientifically backed alternative to traditional liquors. 

The pituitary gland, a vital component of the endocrine system, plays a crucial role in regulating hormones that impact various bodily functions. Chronic alcohol consumption can lead to disruptions in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, affecting stress response and hormone production, leading you to feel sad and depressed as an after-effect. Arkay’s breakthrough lies in its revolutionary molecule, known as W.A.R.M, which triggers a series of sensory stimuli when in contact with the tongue. This creates an illusion that the consumer is experiencing the same burn and kick found in real liquor. Unlike alcohol, Arkay delivers the taste without any of the negative effects, such as hangovers or addiction. The W.A.R.M molecule actually sends a signal to the brain, in this case, the hypophysis, which is a gland that creates the feeling of happiness in the brain, leading you to a state of euphoria. 

Arkay’s efficacy is attributed to the placebo effect, a phenomenon where belief in treatment leads to actual improvements in symptoms. The power of suggestion, combined with the characteristics of Arkay’s formula, tricks the brain into perceiving a genuine liquor experience. With no alcohol content, Arkay offers a safe and enjoyable alternative for those seeking a social drink without the drawbacks.

Inspired by a desire to create a whisky that wouldn’t result in the typical hangover, Reynald Grattagliano embarked on a five-year journey of research, investing five million dollars in the process. Collaborating with a Swiss lab, a new molecule was born, paving the way for Arkay beverages. The elixir’s health benefits include no sugar, no fat, no carbs, and of course, not a drop of alcohol, which equals zero guilt, 1% euphoria, and 100% happiness.

Since its inception in 2011, Arkay has dominated the non-alcoholic market, selling over 7 million bottles worldwide. With a vision to expand beyond digital channels, Arkay aims to make its mark in retail, restaurants, and bars nationwide. Arkay’s founder, Reynald Grattagliano, drew inspiration from his upbringing in Avignon, France, surrounded by lavender fields, vineyards, and lilies. This sensory influence played a pivotal role in the creation of Arkay’s signature aroma and taste.

The name ‘Arkay’ originated from Reynald’s travels in China, where locals found it easier to pronounce than his given name. The journey to create Arkay began in earnest in 2011, culminating in the discovery of the W.A.R.M molecule. Arkay offers a range of benefits, including no hangovers, non-addictive properties, and a wide array of delicious, alcohol-free alternatives. It is ideal for designated drivers, teetotalers, and anyone seeking an authentic liquor experience without the alcohol content.

So pick your poison…. Tequila, whisky, vodka, brandy, margaritas, limoncello and mojito. Taste them all! For more information on Arkay Beverages and to explore their range of alcohol-free spirits, visit

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