January 19 is National Popcorn Day. Who Doesn’t Love That! And Who Doesn’t Love New Recipes!

by | Jan 14, 2024


Everybody loves popcorn—the granddaddy of all snack foods. Where did all this deliciousness with a crunch start?

Bunch of dark yellow popcorn kernels.

Popcorn’s origins can be traced to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, particularly in present-day Mexico. Believe it or not evidence suggests popcorn was being enjoyed as early as 3600 BCE. Fun Fact: Would you believe popcorn kernels were discovered in ancient burial grounds in New Mexico? I wouldn’t have.

Bag of popped popcorn in foil wrapper.

Native American tribes, including the Aztecs and the Maya, were known to “pop” corn by placing it on hot surfaces, possibly heated sand or stone, or even in clay pots. You can go out on a limb and say they created the original jiffy pop.

And, by the 19th century, popcorn had become a popular snack in the United States, often sold at carnivals, circuses, and fairs.

Cardboard container of spilled popcorn with red movie tickets.
Back view of lady holding popcorn and dog watching television.

What about movie theaters? Glad you asked. Initially, theaters resisted selling popcorn, considering it too messy. However, during the Great Depression, this affordable snack became a great source of income for theaters. After all what goes better with watching a movie than eating popcorn or cuddling up with your favorite companion.

Let’s face it, we are always looking for a healthier way to eat and popcorn is the way to go! It is naturally low in fat, calories, gluten free and vegan friendly – just be careful to check what you add to these little kernels of delight.

Popcorn.org logo.

To celebrate National Popcorn Day Where The Food Comes From Cookbook has added three new popcorn recipes from our friends at The Popcorn Board.

For a spicy kick give Spicy Korean BBQ Popcorn a try. What about one that uses a spice that has been shown to have major health benefits – Ginger Turmeric Popcorn. Or a popcorn recipe that contains the superfood kale and other healthy seasonings – Superfoods Popcorn.

So, raise a bowl high and toast to the magic of popcorn, a snack that never fails to excite the senses and spirits.



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