Celebrates Cinco de Mayo With Tradition, Spirit And The Magic Of Mexico

by | May 2, 2023


¡Olé all day when you celebrate Cinco de Mayo—or as they call it at National Mango Board Cinco de Mango! Including mango in your celebration adds a fiesta of flavor in every sip or bite!

If you’ve ever enjoyed a juicy, ripe mango, you likely have Mexico to thank for it. Of the six varieties of mangos found in American grocery stores, five of them are grown in Mexico, making Mexico the top importer!

When it comes to mango, this superfruit is ingrained in Mexican culture. Vendors sell peeled and ready-to-eat mango in the streets, it’s as common in Mexico as apples are in the United States.

From the family dinner table to a neighborhood block party, Mexico brings mango to every celebration. Discover the tradition, spirit and the magic of Mexico through the eyes and hearts of locals in this wonderful chapter of Mango Origin Stories.