Product Review: Tinned Fish Or No Tinned Fish? That Is The Question – Part 2!

by | Mar 18, 2024


Freshe Meals logo in black and white.

I get quite a few pitches for all kinds of food products for Where The Food Comes From to review, so I am kind of selective. After all, I would not want to subject our staff to something that doesn’t sound good — and I wouldn’t want to tell you about something’s that’s not good. With that said, one day I received a press release for yet another type of tinned fish. My initial reaction – UGH! But after a little research I decided to request the samples and try them.

Tinned fish has been around as long as there have been cans. But it has made a huge comeback, especially with foodies, and was one of 2023’s most popular food trends. In fact, in 2023 tinned fish sales rose to an astounding $2.7 billion. But why? We know it is convenient – just pop the top off – but there had to be more to it. And, in this case, there is so much more. Allow me to introduce Freshé Meals in a can.

Assortment of foods included in the Mediterranean diet on a tablecloth.

What makes this product special is it’s centered around the Mediterranean Diet, ranked best for controlling diabetes, heart health, bone and joint health, increasing life span, and health aging. Bear in mind this diet is a lifestyle change and not necessarily for weight loss, though that’s often a benefit. It promotes eating whole foods, lean fish, healthy fats, legumes, and greens. I’m a fan, so the people at Freshé caught my attention.

Six cans of a Freshe meals in a pyramid with fork on top.

I received six cans of tuna and salmon varieties. Some were full meals and others were salad toppings with all natural flavors, wild-caught tuna, Atlantic salmon, legumes, vegetables, and fresh olive oil. That’s all well and fine, but what about the taste?

Class bowl of a Freshe meal with crackers and cheese on a cutting board.

My first choice was a tuna meal, Aztec Ensalada. Inspired by the inland valley of Mexico this meal contained wild-caught tuna, red beans, corn, sweet red peppers and simmered onions. Initially, I tried it right out of the can. The tuna flavor was very robust, but the seasonings tamed that down.

I chose to try it with crackers and cheese. It was delicious. The crackers and cheese balanced the meal out perfectly. Unfortunately, before the rest of the staff could try it, I moved the cutting board and the bowl crashed to the floor and since there’s no such thing as a “five-second rule,” they were unable to taste it.

Man in black shirt and jeans holding a fork full of Freshe meal coming out of the can.

Up next: Sicilian Caponata. This meal boasts wild caught tuna, butternut squash, fire-roasted vegetables, almonds, and herbs. One of our crew tasted it and was not impressed. His mistake – he didn’t realize he needed to stir the meal to savor all the delicious flavors. Once he realized his error, stirred and retasted, he said there “was nothing artificial tasting, just bold flavors and yummy.” He also liked that it was fully prepared and convenient. Perfect for a busy father on the go!

Clear class bowl with lettuce and an open can of Freshe Meal in it.

I think most people are a fan of salad, but may get a bit bored with the usual toppings. Well Provence Nicoise will tickle your tastebuds with its tuna, fire-roasted peppers, herbs, potatoes, green beans, and olives. Our host and producer added a little bit of salt and a drizzle of olive oil and thoroughly enjoyed this great change of pace.

But what about the salmon?

Charcuteria board with Freshe meals, cheese, crackers, and meats.

Credit: Freshe Meals

The next one I kind of dreaded. I am not generally a salmon lover and no one else was around. Well, here goes nothing — I opened the can of Barcelona Escalivada and put it on my salad. It was absolutely fantastic and there was no need to add salt or even that drizzle of olive oil. The salmon’s flavor was quite mild, but the kick of the roasted eggplant and peppers, quinoa, sweet onions, tomato, garlic and paprika made up for it.

There are two more varieties Thai Sriracha and Moroccan Tagine — but I am putting them up for a time when I need a quick, healthy yummy meal.

Packed with protein and great taste these meals are great for travel, office, or any outdoor trip. But they are small and may not satisfy a big eater. My recommendation carry two and some crackers. You can’t go wrong.

Highly recommended by the staff of Where The Food Comes From!