Thanksgiving Cooks Evenly Divided On Experimenting With New Recipes And Dishes This Year

by | Nov 15, 2023


A new survey of 500 home cooks conducted by America’s Test Kitchen found that cooks are evenly divided on experimenting with new recipes and dishes this Thanksgiving. The survey also found that a majority of cooks (88%) will prep for the meal ahead of time and will serve on average between 6-7 dishes. Over two thirds (69%) of respondents use the classic roasting method for cooking Thanksgiving turkey which works well as most of the home cooks (90%) said their turkey last Thanksgiving was perfectly cooked.

Additional findings from the ATK 2023 Thanksgiving Survey include:

  • Thanksgiving dinner attendance varies with about a third (33%) eating with 3-5 people, a third (33%) with 5-10 people, and the rest eating with more than 10 people..

  • Nearly 60% of the respondents sometimes or always seek out dishes that don’t require an oven.

  • On average, 6-7 dishes are on people’s Thanksgiving tables.

  • Roughly half (49%) of respondents are sticking to classic, tried-and-true recipes this Thanksgiving, while 48% plan to experiment with at least some new recipes or dishes  about 1-2 recipes for most (57%) and 2-3 recipes for others (37%).

  • As for the types of dishes they’re going to experiment with, this varies. Thirty eight percent  will try a new savory dish, 20% will try a new dessert, and 42% will go for either.

  • The classic method of roasting is the go-to way of cooking Thanksgiving turkey for over two thirds of respondents. The other third of respondents are split between frying, using a pre-cooked turkey and not cooking turkey for Thanksgiving.

  • 90% of respondents said their turkey last Thanksgiving was perfectly cooked (8% reported dry & 2% reported undercooked turkeys).

To help home chefs cook their best Thanksgiving, America’s Test Kitchen created a comprehensive resource available on its App and at From a make ahead prep timeline to help map out a plan of attack, to instructional videos and an interactive recipe selector, tools are available to help plan what to make, when to buy ingredients, and what prep work can be done in advance.

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