Westfalia Fruit Enters Peruvian Avocado Season

by | Jun 14, 2023


Westfalia Fruit, the market leader in growing, ripening, handling, and distributing quality avocados, announces the start of its Peruvian avocado season with supply available now through mid-September.

Westfalia began exporting Peruvian avocados in 2016 and is now the 2nd largest exporter, with a presence in 15 regions across the country and a growing area spanning over 4,600 hectares. Westfalia operates 4 avocado nurseries in Peru in addition to a brand-new state-of-the-art packinghouse in Canete, located in southern Lima.

[The image of “Avocado Mountain” above was created by WFTFC’s Craig Ricciardi, combining an original photo of Machu Picchu in Peru with a perfect avocado — it’s impossible to tell where one leaves off and the other starts!]

Headshot of David Fausset, Director of Business Development, Westfalia Fruit

David Fausset, Director of Business Development, Westfalia Fruit

“We operate 4 experimental and teaching orchards located in strategic areas across Peru,” said David Fausset, Business Development Director at Westfalia Fruit. “These orchards empower our growers to optimize crop management and teach sustainable production methodologies that support our social and sustainable responsibilities.”

Established over 70 years ago, Westfalia markets prime-quality, ready-to-eat avocados across the globe through its vertically integrated supply chain as well as its technical and commercial expertise. Its global supply chain and distribution network allow Peruvian avocados to ship to all major North American ports of entry. 

Headshot of Johnathan Sutton, Group Safety &-Environmental Executive, Westfalia International

Johnathan Sutton, Group Safety &-Environmental Executive, Westfalia International

“Our centralized Technical Services team provides intelligence to ensure our fruit meets international quality standards,” said Johnathan Sutton, Group Safety and Environment Executive at Westfalia. “All Westfalia ranches and packhouses are held to the highest food safety standards and certification, ensuring a consistent supply of the freshest avocados possible.”

All ranches and packhouses pass the Westfalia Quality Standard – the highest food safety standards with certifications including BRC, GLOBAL G.A.P. and SMETA audits. Westfalia is committed to producing safe, exceptional quality food, all while ensuring sustainable, ethical, and responsible management of its bio-resources and the communities and environments across the globe.

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