Westfalia Fruit Expecting Strong 2023 GEM® Avocado Season

by | Apr 24, 2023


Westfalia Fruit, the market leader in growing, ripening, handling, and distributing
quality avocados, announces the start of its 2023 GEM® avocado season,
expecting a strong supply of fruit from mid-April through mid-July.

Westfalia Fruit US is excited to present the GEM® avocado to the United States market. GEM is a gourmet avocado that Westfalia holds exclusive marketing rights in Africa, the EU, and many other regions of the world. GEM® is truly a unique avocado with gold-flecked skin and a creamy, buttery texture. It is a larger piece of fruit with a slightly nutty flavor. GEM® is a gourmet avocado that will elevate the avocado category.

Headshot Raina Nelson, President & CEO, Westfalia Fruit USA

Raina Nelson, President & CEO, Westfalia Fruit USA

“The GEM® avocado has an exceptional flavor profile and is the darling of chefs, home cooks, and foodie fanatics alike,” said Raina Nelson, President/CEO Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA LLC. “Westfalia Fruit has successfully and exclusively marketed the GEM® in key markets across the globe to create a best-in-category avocado that drives consumers to a new avocado destination. We are excited to launch similar programs here in the U.S. and build upon the global GEM® successes we’ve designed with world class retailers.”

Westfalia Fruit US’s GEM® program will be supplied with California fruit but the variety is abundantly grown in other areas of the world like South Africa. The GEM® avocado is a sustainable cultivar with its high yield of fruit on compact trees that are protected from harsh environmental elements under a plush tree canopy. The post-harvest fruit quality is tremendous, and the fruit is hand-plucked at peak ripeness to deliver delicious fruit to consumer’s plates.


“We anticipate a healthy season for the GEM® variety this year. We are enthusiastic to build dazzling customer programs to drive GEM® awareness with consumers through innovative and proven methodologies that make avocado programs shine,” shares Nelson.

Westfalia markets prime-quality, ready-to-eat avocados across the globe through its vertically integrated supply chain as well as its technical and commercial expertise. Westfalia is committed to producing safe, exceptional quality food, all while ensuring sustainable, ethical, and responsible management of its bio-resources and the communities and environments across the globe.

For more information visit www.westfaliafruit.com.

Westfalia USA GEM Avocado

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