Where The Food Comes From Season 4 Heads New Directions Digging For Your Roots

by | Oct 2, 2023


Where The Food Comes From is on the move! When we started making the show in 2021, a pandemic was raging, we were still feeling our way, and we had to get our wings up under us in challenging circumstances.

We found our track fairly quickly and the show premiered on The RFD-TV Network in January of 2022. Most of the stories we told in the first three seasons come from the Southeast, because that’s where we’re based and where we could travel freely.

But now, the ropes are off and we’re heading for new territory. We’re also telling some different kinds of stories! We just filmed Episode 55 a few weeks back and we’ll soon be on the way to find more.

For starters, we packed up and lit out for Wisconsin. There, we finally got around to telling one of the most fundamental stories there is – corn. You may wonder if it’s so important and fundamental, why did we wait 40-something episodes to tell it? Easy – we were waiting for the right people to tell it with. And we found ‘em through our friends at Syngenta: a 12-year-old farmer who already knows what he’s doing, and a 95-year-old farmer who’s still learning new tricks every day.

We head to Clemson University to make blue cheese – and we visit a robotic premium dairy down the road where the milk for that cheese comes from.

Chip scoops cheese curds out of large vat.
Robotic dairy farm robot arm.

We tell our first big consumer brand story with the folks from Splenda – you know, the yellow packet? – as we visit their first-in-the-U.S. stevia farm. The plan is to partner up with small American family farms to grow the crop.

We’ll head to a legendary Georgia barbecue joint, the 100-year-old Fresh Air BBQ in Jackson, where we’ll talk about the disappearing art of cooking with fire.

We’ll catch you up with what’s happening in the Florida citrus world — as that industry deals with a lethal pandemic of its own, some growers are embracing new ways to do things, while others are reaching back in the pages of Florida history to revive something special.

We’ll pop back in with Nat Bradford and Family (Season 1, Ep 3). The farm has grown a little, the family are coming and going… but they’re still farming like it’s 1699 near Sumter, SC. And right down the road is another creative farming operation, the Old Tyme Bean Co., and we’ll unearth some rare treasures.

WTFCF Host Chip Carter chats with Nat Bradford in a corn field.
WTFCF Host Chip Carter chats with Josh Johnson in a bean field.

We’ll also take a look at agriculture’s approach to food safety (hint: there’s no such thing as the “three-second rule”) with experts from the University of Georgia.

And then we’ll wrap up the season on-campus at UGA with what’s sure to become America’s new favorite game show, Fruit Or Vegetable! You would think you already know. We promise you don’t.

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