WTFCF Celebrates Episode #50!

by | Feb 1, 2024


A few years ago I took a leap of faith and started a company to create a new television series about food, farmers and all the other good people who keep us fed. Believing if people saw the reality about farming, and most importantly got to know the incredible people behind it, they’d be amazed and keep watching.

So far so good. Friday night at 9:30 p.m. we will air Episode #50 of Where The Food Comes From on the RFD-TV Network (with a repeat at 12:30 a.m. for West Coast prime time). We’re proud of our beginnings on RFD-TV, Rural America’s Most Important Network. We’re equally proud that, beginning now, we will be moving on to other networks and channels as well through our new agency distribution and syndication deal. First in the U.S. to start seeing the show beyond RFD-TV will be the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania; Pensacola, FL and surrounding suburbs; Mobile, AL and the Mobile County Public School system. More will be coming on in the days and weeks ahead, including our first international pickup — Ukraine, the breadbasket of the other side of the globe. That one’s humbling. The distributor is actually making DVDs to make sure the show can be seen.

We’re especially thrilled that this is the first of 4 shows we made with the UGA College of Agriculture — Ag Dawgs, they call ’em! First off, we always love working with universities to tell stories — that’s where everything that’s coming next starts. Secondly, well, I’m is a big ol’ Georgia Bulldog — it’s a homecoming of sorts and there’s no better way to celebrate Episode 50!

Another something special about this episode — the focus is on what farmers and the food industry do to keep the food we eat safe. We call it “There’s No Such Thing As The 5-Second Rule.”

We take you to the farm, we take you to the fields — but this is just another example of how we follow the food chain in our efforts to eventually help you understand the entire story of our food.

If you’d like to see your farm or business in an episode, give us a shout (, 813-838-1577). We also have some remarkably affordable marketing opportunities that can help you connect with the industry and a whole lot of consumers at the same time.

We’ve gone from the Everglades of sunny Florida to Wisconsin and everywhere in-between telling these stories… and you never know where we’re going to show up next!

Head of lettuce with UGA magnifying class showing microscopic bacteria.

EPISODE #50: There’s No Such Thing As The 5-Second Rule

You’ve heard it your whole life — if you drop food, it’s still clean and edible as long as you pick it up within 5 seconds.

ACK! Nope, not true. Not even remotely, as we found out at the University of Georgia Center for Food Safety, which is part of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences — Ag Dawgs, they call ’em.

People have no idea the lengths the ag industry goes to doing the best possible job of keeping food safe — and that happens across the supply chain. Despite what you’d think from the headlines, most foodborne illnesses are our own fault. And that all starts here in the lab.