Cheese Sticks For Adults – What!

by | Aug 24, 2023


Who doesn’t like cheese? My answer; no one I know, no matter the age! On that note, let’s talk cheese sticks. I am not talking about the cheese sticks kids beg for, but cheese sticks made for adults – finally.

Crystal Farms has created a new line of cheese sticks adults will fall in love with. Great for a quick snack for busy adults, entertaining, or anything your imagination can create.

WTFCF staff sampled three delicious flavors – Gouda, Mozzarella and Sharp Cheddar. The cheeses did not disappoint.

Gouda, a semi-hard cheese, has a fudgy like texture with a mild flavor. We thoroughly enjoyed eating it right from the wrapper. Unfortunately, we ate it a little too quickly.

The mozzarella, a semi-soft cheese, was delightful. Young and old alike will love it.

Sharp Cheddar, a hard cheese, has its advantages. It lasts longer at room temperature than other cheeses, making it a favorite among Charcuterie fans. Crystal Farms Cheddar Cheese is a young cheese – meaning it has a shorter maturing time – resulting in a smoother texture and mild flavor. We also found it works great when mixed in for hamburgers – a WTFCF favorite.

Check out the recipe Summertime Caprese Skewers to experience Crystal Farms cheese for yourself.