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Season 4, Episode 13

Fruit Or Vegetable?!

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Welcome to everybody’s favorite gameshow, Fruit…Or…Veggie! Okay, it’s not a real gameshow, but as you’ll see, it could be. We all know what we think is a fruit and what’s a vegetable. Pretty clear, right?

Wrong. Sure you probably know about a tomato — everybody knows that even though it seems like a veggie — it’s actually a fruit. But did you realize there are dozens to hundreds of others in the same boat?

We went to the University of Georgia Durham Horticulture Research Farm just off campus near Athens to meet with Dr. Tim Coolong, who knows what’s what when it comes to fruit and veggies.

And then to prove a point, we headed on-campus to play our show! Turns out almost nobody knows what’s actually a fruit and what’s a veggie! It’s a fun way to end Season 4… and we’ve got a lot more surprises in store for Season 5, including a return to UGA!