We’re most often out in a field with our noses in the dirt. But you’ll also find us in lab coats and restaurants and packinghouses, Congressional and State offices, college and industry research facilities – anywhere there’s a story to be told about food and farming.

Where The Food Comes From taps into the passion and commitment of the people who feed us. There are easier ways to make a living, as anyone who’s ever seen the show knows. But from the farms to the research laboratories to the offices where people make the rules that regulate it all, the people involved in agriculture care deeply about what they’re doing. They make up just 1.5% of the population – but they proudly bear the weight of keeping the rest of us fed.

That’s the power of Where The Food Comes From – peeling back the labels and letting the world meet some of the people who put food on their plates.

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Season 4, Episode 13

Fruit Or Vegetable?!

Welcome to everybody's favorite gameshow, Fruit...Or...Veggie! Okay, it's not a real gameshow, but as you'll see, it could be. We all know what we think is a fruit and what's a vegetable. Pretty clear, right? Wrong. Sure you probably know about a tomato — everybody knows that even though it seems like a veggie — it's actually a fruit. But did you realize there are dozens to hundreds of others in the same boat?

We went to the University of Georgia Durham Horticulture Research Farm just off campus near Athens to meet with Dr. Tim Coolong, who knows what's what when it comes to fruit and veggies.

And then to prove a point, we headed on-campus to play our show! Turns out almost nobody knows what's actually a fruit and what's a veggie! It's a fun way to end Season 4... and we've got a lot more surprises in store for Season 5, including a return to UGA!

Timothy Coolong sitting on a truck bed pointing to seeds in a green pepper.

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Catch Where The Food Comes From every Friday at 10:00 p.m. and Saturday at 1:30 a.m. EST on the RFD-TV Network and on demand at RFD-TV Now and Cowboy Channel+!


Think you know food? Think you know what farm-to-fork means?

Where The Food Comes From is a TV series with a wholly unique take on the food and farming world. We’re centered on the farm, but we go up-and-downstream to show you all the invisible hands it takes to keep us fed. Make no mistake — we are about the business of farming. But we’re equally about the heart and soul of farmers. We’re telling true heart stories about people with a passion for feeding others, whether they’re in the country, the city, or in-between, whether they’re growing food, shipping it, or making it possible for others to do those things. We ask the tough questions, too. And we do it all with style and a gentle wit that will leave you laughing while you learn.